Why Some Sex Toys Can Be Harmful

They are currently enjoying a boom in sales and popularity with millions sold worldwide every year, but did you know your vibrator could be ruining your health?
According to the experts, because sex toys are often made from low-grade materials and plastics, they can have a negative health effect on people.
In a study around

Sex Toys for Tweens

If vibrators are good — and good for us — are they good for our daughters too?
Recent studies have revealed that women who use vibrators are healthier — and sexually happier — than women who don’t. Finally, the stigma of the sinful sex toy is fading and women can hold their Rabbits and Pocket

What are the various sex toys?

various sex toys

No doubt, sex toys are becoming an integral part at the time of sex. A sex toy is a tool or a commodity which is helpful to provide human satisfaction in equilibrium. There are so many sex toys available in the market according to demands are requirements. If you are looking for various sex toys

Thinking Outside The Swing: Unconventional Ways to Use Sex Swings That Gives Out-of-this-World Pleasure!

“Darling, tonight I am your submissive slavegirl!” Your sweet girlfriend suddenly tells you. Your partner has casually stated that she would like to have a harder gait during her lovemaking, sometimes with fetters? Many women want a dominant partner in bed to indulge in, not someone who is always refusing oral sex, and someone who

7 Ways To Use A Penis Plug Like a Pro

Even if you’re not new to the sex toy world, chances are that such devices simply did not pay attention. Small rings with ornaments usually modestly hang in the corner among other inconspicuous little things. And few people know what is a penis plug and why are they even needed? We reveal the cards!

Male Chastity Device: Finding The Right Fit

Chastity belt, coach harness or Lederhosen décor, what did the young scientists Museum dug up there? Should the strange “device” shown at the exhibition “Purpose alien?!” in the Karlsruhe Palace really be a chastity belt?
Forced to abstinence
That fine gentlemen of the Middle Ages made use of such devices to preserve the exclusive rights