Toys Guide Vlogs

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Tara Bobcock showing her entire collection of sex toys. Watch it so you’ll know what to buy and what’s missing from your own collection.


This Vlog shows an unboxing of a bunch of sex toys received from her sponsors. It includes different kinds of vibrators, lubes, and lot more!


This Vlog by Hannah Witton talks about different sex toys out there for penis/bum hole. She added that these toys can be for anyone with a penis, not just men!


This is an annual Adammale Halloween video. Full of sex toys, boys, death, blood, spirits, Satan and voodoo. Enjoy this “TRYING NEW SEX TOYS.” They have “NEW SEX TOYS!” and “USING NEW SEX TOYS!” and now “TRYING NEW SEX TOYS!”


A comprehensive guide to accessible sex toys!


What is the best sex toy for beginners? Find out my tips in this video.


Using New Crazy Sex Toys


The Beginner’s Guide To Vibrators