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oh hi YouTube welcome to this week’s sex
toys ahoy I’m Jess wild and I’m here to
tell you the top 7 things you need to
think about before you buy a sex toy now
in case you don’t know who I am as I’ve
just said I’m Jess Wilde and you can
usually see me presenting on Fridays
over on our bondage gone wild playlist
but have no fear I do know a thing or
two about sex toys before I wrote about
bondage philosophy I did used to write
all of the sex toy descriptions so
hopefully my knowledge is still there
and I can still give you a helping hand
when buying a sex toy now whether you’re
buying it is sex toy for yourself or for
someone else and whether it’s a first
toy or your 15th all of these tips still
apply so they’re really handy to know
number one who are you buying the sex
toy for
so firstly is it for you or is it for
somebody else and secondary are they
male or are they female this is gonna
have a huge impact on the type of toy
you buy whilst some toys are unisex like
bullet vibrators and butt plugs others
are not for example strokers and rabbit
vibrators number two which body part
would you like to stimulate now this
breaks into two main categories do you
want to play internally or externally
and if you’re playing externally is it
still simply genital stimulation or is
this something you want to be able to
use all over the body and once you’ve
decided where you’d like to play you
need to consider whether there are any
rules about this kind of play for
example anal toys should always feature
a flared base number three to vibe or
not to vibe that is the question now as
you’re probably aware vibrating toys are
very popular but that’s not to say that
you have to go for something which
vibrates dildos are equally as popular
so if you’re going to go for something
which does vibrate
you’ll need to think about the volume of
those vibrations how powerful they are
and whether or not you need that toy to
be waterproof where do you go for
something which vibrates or not you’ll
always need to think about shape and
whether it’s going to be suitable for
the type of player you’d like to explore
for example some toys have a suction cup
some don’t number four number four is
materials sex two has come in so many
materials nowadays for example hard
plastic skin-safe rubber glass silicon
metal and many more whilst you need to
consider whether you or your partner is
going to
like a particular material you also need
to consider allergies for example some
toys do contain latex or perhaps even
nickel clearly if you’ve got an allergy
to one of those things it’s best to just
steer clear
additionally we always recommend you use
lubricant with any sex toys and just
bear in mind that not all lubes are
compatible with all toys now I’d love
honey we will always tell you which Lube
is best for the particular toy you’re
looking at but if you’re in doubt just
go for water-based Lube it’s safe with
everything number five price how much do
you want to spend as with most things
money and quality tend to go
however that’s not to say you can’t grab
yourself a bargain number six experience
level now I think we’re all a bit guilty
now and again of having eyes bigger than
our belly but contrary to popular belief
bigger is not better I love honey one of
the most common reasons we get a product
returned is because it’s been bought for
them and it’s just far too big so stick
with what you know if you’re buying for
yourself you probably have an idea of
what you can accommodate for an internal
toy and if you’re buying for a partner
basically go for something realistic if
you’re a man that’s buying a toy for
your partner
go for something that’s a similar size
to you and top tip unless they’ve
actually asked for it don’t get that
12-inch dong you’ve been looking at it’s
probably too much for them there’s a big
difference between receiving something
like this that’s really rather cute and
something like this now whilst this is
great for some people as you can
probably imagine if you’re not
experienced an anal play this is gonna
be a bit overwhelming another seven
number seven is taste and I don’t mean
this kind if you’re buying for yourself
this is really easy whilst you’re
browsing the website you know
immediately if you see a product omits
you go mmm
or if you’re buying for somebody else
however this can be a little bit more
tricky has the person you’re buying for
got a favorite color do you already know
whether they like realistic toys are
there tactile person take all of this
into account when you’re shopping for
them if you know this person already
owns sex toys and you’ve got permission
to look in their sex toy box then go
with something that’s similar to what
they already own if they have loads of
purple toys go for something purple and
if they have a favorite toy they bring
out a lot for playtime again take that
as a top tip as to what they like if
you’re buying somebody their first sex
then it’s best to stick with something
simple my top tip would be to go for
something like a bullet vibrator which
although a marketed mostly women are
suitable for men – these are purely for
external use and go for something non
realistic so something like a simple
vibrator or a non-realistic stroker so
those are the top seven things you need
to think about before you buy a sex toy
who are you buying it for where in the
body are you gonna use it should it
vibrate what’s it made of how much does
it cost
what’s your or your partner’s experience
level and what do they like once you’ve
figured out the answer to all of these
questions shopping with love honey is
really easy make sure you take a good
look at the pictures the product
description and the specs we always give
you all of the measurements and material
details you need at the bottom of the
product description check customer
reviews you don’t need to take our word
for it we have got loads of reviews
which come in from members of the public
letting you know whether or not that
product with any good you can check our
buyers guides for extra tips on lubes
materials and other stuff basically a
more detailed version of what I’ve just
given you and don’t forget about the
love honey forum you can speak to one of
us guys on the forum or one of our many
forum members who are sex toy
aficionados and they’ll give you the
lowdown on getting down and dirty and
there you have it
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we love using sex toys don’t we yeah it
really gives us a great opportunity to
explore each other’s bodies and our own
bodies yeah it’s not like we’re missing
it in our relationship
no we genuinely love our sex or using
sex toys really does make it different
overall what I was saying though is that
communicate is definitely the key you
know that communication you’ve got
nothing there’s lots of toys to choose
from so it’s important as a couple you
get the right ones you talk about it
feels good if it doesn’t feel good and
if you’re happy to try it for those
couples who’ve never used sex toys we’ve
got a selection here in which we would
definitely recommend yeah the issue here
we have the noir bullet what’s great
about this it doesn’t have that so
unless the vibration for more gentle
through because it’s flat surface it’s
really good for sort of general area of
the clitoris you know with it be the top
the sides even the labias it’s perfect
what I loved about these that was how
you use them on me you know when we put
a lot of Lube on yeah you know and you
were really sort like circling around my
plate going up and down it teasing my
lips and the whole kind of general area
really tell me on quite a lot in this
one because of its tip you could really
kind of like direct stimulation to
certain areas so it’s kind of on-off
on-off I didn’t know where you’re gonna
put it next are you turn me on as well
so they’re really great for both things
really really enjoyed these two we’ve
got the cock ring they’re just
recovering which is fantastic this is a
good coming for beginners because it you
don’t need to be embarrassing you know
what sighs he’s more willing I mean
literally he’s gonna buy that it’s gonna
fit yeah yeah and then you can go from
exactly then it’s not gonna break the
it’s great perfect see if you like it
obviously if you like it
I’ve plenty more copies in the market so
you can just try I’ve also got this
great little cock rings both very
different but both fantastic
this one’s nice and stretchy with nice
little dimple it’s but with a battery
operated bullet and this is rechargeable
with great fluttery years yeah this is
great one where couples both benefit
from yeah we’ve really enjoyed playing
with you suddenly yeah yeah but those of
you feeling it a little bit more
adventurous we’ve got a great selection
of toys here as well haven’t we yeah we
love these ones mm-hmm we’ve got the
couple’s loving which you have a lot of
fun with anyway really great teasing toy
if we can get out and pop that inside
you then we have a great time don’t we
makes our today’s shopping fun doesn’t
it definitely we’ve also got this one
for you it’s quite fun yeah it isn’t
intimidating in the slightest no it’s
not as a bit of an anal toy it’s a great
place to start
yeah really soft and squidgy and quite
as well yeah and this this is fantastic
fun yeah we really enjoyed that we both
benefit from it don’t we yeah and it
covers everything we’ve got the bullets
which vibrate from some back you’ve got
your clit in and the ball and the cock
ring yeah let’s go be flicky bit here
for when I ride and you can flick my bun
too yeah so for those couples really
wanting to push the boundaries in their
relationship we’ve got some really great
toys here some of our favorites yeah we
love these mm-hmm got the rabbit is yeah
which undoubtably is the most incredible
toy and my personal favorite app every
time ever tried yeah have all your
clicks dings that’s my favorite I
benefit from it you benefit from it it’s
perfect all round it cost slightly more
but it’s worth its weight in gold every
single penny the motor in this is
unbelievable isn’t it I would recommend
that to anyone
me and we’ve got this one as well which
you actually really liked didn’t you
yeah it’s really nice it softly vibrates
not intimidated at all either it’s a
good time mm-hmm very smooth and very
soft and we’ve got the we-vibe before
plus which costs a bit more money mm-hmm
but it is definitely worth it because
it’s got the remote control but also I
downloaded the app from the app store
and when I’m away I literally choose the
app on my mobile phone and I can choose
the level of vibration the pulse rates
everything and it’s like a wave you
would see on a heart monitor and you can
just change as you want to pause it
start it we’ve got two motors that got
motor on this time which goes internally
and on this side which is the clit so
you can choose either one of those we
working or not working and when you’re
at work and I also have play myself you
had control of this which absolutely
blew my mind it’s quite a turn-on to
think that you’re controlling me and
you’re not even there it’s great as well
because when it’s in me and we’re having
the vibrations you get from it and
really great and it doesn’t move yes the
others have this fits really well it
doesn’t interfere with intercourse it
hugs you perfectly
I get the vibrations from it you get the
vibrations from it and it just really
works well with us definite must-have
isn’t it for any couple definitely


hey guys I have your favorite kind of
video we’re doing a sex toy video these
are from an Amazon store called a babe
ow and everything that I have to show
you ranges from twenty one to twenty
seven dollars they have a 97 percent
like positive reviews so you know that
people actually like this stuff and oh
they’re all laid up in front of me and
I’m excited to show you all of these
things so let’s dive in and also these
are all body safe silicon and they are
waterproof as well so you can either get
really really sweaty or you can use them
in the shower okay so this is the first
one and of course it comes with a
charger you just plug it into the
computer and all of these take about an
hour and a half to charge and then you
get three hours of continuous use charge
so it’s pretty quick to charge it up and
you get double the time so these all
came also a little bit charged so I can
show you it’s so nice like it feels so
good and let’s see if you have yeah you
have if you press the power button again
you have some different settings that
you can go through that’s an interesting
one and obviously as you can see it is
kind of a curved head they actually have
the exact angle it is a twenty-three
point five degree angle how scientific
is that but it’s just designed to hit
your g-spot so I will unless you know
thumbs up this video by the way if you
want follow-ups on any of these things
okay this is the next one this is called
I just I love these names the
rechargeable vibrator new generation
double silence motors technology
waterproof and silicon and there are
seven speed in this motor and can we
just look at how there’s like a little
mound for your little mound and I also
like how simple these controls are it’s
just one power button and you press it
and then they start up I guess this one
didn’t come charged oh did it oh we’re
dead okay so you hold it and then you
press to get through the the functions
oh that is interesting so yeah it
doesn’t vibrate as much down here which
I think is common with a lot of
different vibrators and vibrates a lot
more towards the tip and especially on
here so I would assume you could either
like insert it and this would kind of
hit you right or you could just even lay
on it and this could hit your clip which
would be interesting and then yeah you
also get some functions for this the
system’s really strong and it’s really
quiet for how strong this is like this
is strong okay so you have your
different functions I personally am more
like a steady kind of vibration kind of
but it’s nice to know that you have that
and then I assume yes you just hold it
down and then it shuts off I’m
interested to compare like these are
both very curved this one has the
ridging which could be interesting if
you like more texture if you don’t this
might be something that’s more up your
alley because I’m as you can see it’s
obviously more smooth okay this one is
interesting and I want to show you how
luxe the packaging was like look at this
box and then it just opens up like I
love when it’s like more fancy you know
because it’s like a luxury thing you’re
doing to bring yourself pleasure it’s
just it’s good so this one on the box is
100% waterproof extremely quiet
rechargeable USB power supply medical
grade silicon luxurious and ergonomics
so feeling this right now I don’t know
if you’ll be able to see but the head
kind of moves and then you have a power
button and a different functions button
and they’re both clearly labeled so you
hold it on and then you holy shit you
got you got
and this isn’t vibrating at all it’s
100% it doesn’t even start here like
it’s it’s it’s right here
oh my god so this one is it’s got 360
degree rotation yep and you can use it
as a mushaf massager too so if you have
some tight muscles if you’re not one to
use a sex toy you can use this on your
back if you’d like or you can clean it
and use it either way this is kind of a
staple this is one of those ones that is
really easy when you’re doing couples
stuff because it is as I say all the
time when I mention couple stuff it’s
very like non it’s not invasive and it
looks like it’s not gonna be like oh
well that’s you know penis shaped and I
have a penis and now I’m intimidated
like it’s just it’s very safe you could
be like we’ll hold this on my clip well
you do your thing you know so it’s kind
of double the pleasure and I would say
this is this is the strongest one out of
them all so far and this is one that is
obviously used externally so you know if
you like something that is internal the
first shoe would be great for you if you
like something that’s external this is
your jam okay I have never seen anything
that looks like fixer cover before it
looks like a door handle that’s what
this looks like
and just that’s one big power button
okay I need to read about this one it is
the mini handheld or economic design
it’s discrete it could be put in the
middle of a handbag I love but they say
that you could just like pull this out
you’re like out to lunch with a friend
and you’re like oh no I’ve got the horn
and you excuse yourself to the bat
they’re gonna fit just like go to town
let’s press that’s quiet that’s strong
but that’s quiet like compared to
compared to this one right can you hear
the difference so if I turn this one off
and then if I start this one up and turn
this one off right so really quiet and
there are different functions so you can
roar you can just be home – okay and
then there are the pulses okay and you
just hold it to turn it down I do like
that this button is so easy to press you
don’t have to like hold it down for your
life this is another one that they
advertise as like a body massager as
well so multi-purpose it’s kind of
easier to justify using something like
this as a body massager than it is like
this okay and then the very last one and
again make sure to let me know if you
want reviews or follow-ups on any of
these things I love these shapes of
these this is called the massage one
second generation and this head also it
bends and you can kind of swerve it a
little bit so it’s a little bit more
ergonomic and this one also has okay so
no separate power button it just has a
minus and a plus so let’s just hold oh
yeah there we go okay and then you just
press the minus sign to turn it off plus
sign to go through the different
functions okay and also like it’s not
vibrating a whole bunch right here it’s
mostly focused here there is a little
bit of vibration down here though okay
and you’ve got all your functions this
is like on par with that third one that
I showed you when it comes to strength
like it is very strong this one is crazy
okay so I would say my standouts
personally just from first glance I
think that this one is gonna be
fantastic I also think that this one is
going to be really great if you want
something that’s insertable and then if
you just want something that’s kind of
small and easy to carry around
obviously you can’t really go wrong with
this one so if you want to again check
anything out I will link it down below I
will I just want to side note here and
say that some people are a little bit
weirded out when they first come to this
channel and they’re like why are you
showing people sex toys and it’s because
I don’t think that there’s anything
wrong with sex there isn’t anything that
needs to be taboo masturbation is good
for your health it releases stress and
if you can get something that’s good
quality online that’s also affordable
and it can help you with that like
releasing tension like why would you not
do that right if it’s something that you
want to explore into I like to give you
guys options so this is another option I
really have nothing bad to say about
these I think all of them are cool all
of them serve a purpose and I will I
will again give you some follow ups if
you liked this video and want some
follow-ups so let me know in the
comments down below which you guys
thought I will of course link everything
down below so you can check it out and
that’s pretty much it guys thank you so
much for watching and I will see you all
very soon bye