7 Ways To Use A Penis Plug Like a Pro

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Even if you’re not new to the sex toy world, chances are that such devices simply did not pay attention. Small rings with ornaments usually modestly hang in the corner among other inconspicuous little things. And few people know what is a penis plug and why are they even needed? We reveal the cards!

Let’s start with the main question: why are they needed? It’s very simple: thanks to partial restraint of the blood flow, ejaculation comes later which helps to extend the pleasure for both partners. Secondly, such rings attach to the penis , so say “Self-confidence” and firmness of intentions – they even help in case of erectile dysfunction.

There is also not at all obvious “Thirdly”: modern erectile rings are equipped with additional vibration. Maybe soon they will shine and talk with the voices of their favorite cartoon characters, but for now manufacturers are holding back their imagination. However, if you want something extreme, see https://lustplugs.com/collections/silicone-penis-plugs.

Why did I give the ring, your heart beat up?

There are three main options for donning an erection ring:

  • On the trunk of the penis;
  • On the basis of the genitals (the ring captures the member along with the testicles);
  • On the scrotum.

The most pleasant option for sex with a partner is the first, as a ring, worn on the barrel member will also hurt and stimulate the clitoris, and it will help a man to maintain an erection longer than usual.

There is no need for lubrication when putting the ring on – unless you want to play a “ringbros”. There are no contraindications for using erectile rings. But experts don’t recommend wearing them for longer than half an hour. Well and of course with them it is impossible to fall asleep and supplement pleasure with alcohol. As a consequence pianism may develop a very unpleasant condition leading to gangrene. No, we don’t scare just all you need to know when to stop. You will not wear a daily lining for days!

How to choose?

Almost all erectile rings aremade, like most toys from medical silicone, stretch well so pick them up based on penis size, not necessary. But the smaller the ring size, the more it will pinch the member. The exceptions are glass and metal rings. Here they need to be selected in size – the ring should be only slightly smaller than the diameter of the base of the penis.Most “Flexible” rings made of thermoplastic rubber, harder from medical silicone. Before choosing one, make sure you know the

Rings without vibration

With the help of such rings, that come in very original forms, stimulated clitoris partner. They come in several shapes and sizes .and as the first such device fit perfectly. Here for example toy in the form of volumetric blot from Fun Factory. “Bumps” of different sizes allow you to twist it like that as they like.

Rings with vibration

The vibration of the ring on the stem of the penis gives pleasure to both partners. But, choosing such a ring, Attention should be paid to several factors at once: the silence of the vibration, button layout so as not to be turned off from active movements, ease of control. Experts advise you to use a little lubrication in the area where the ring is actively in contact with the intimate area of ??the partner, to avoid chafing. Some models can be used in the shower.

Rings on the remote control

For this kind of sex gadgets you should thanks to the development of technology. They differ from the previous type of devices by remote control, which by the way also usually vibrates. Using the remote control, you can control the vibration on a partner’s member while the vibrating synchronous remote will prompt what feelings he feels.

If you suddenly have a ring on the penis in the shape of a royal cobra lying in a drawer in the desk drawer, take off your hat and are ready to take your words back.Manufacturers recommend buying a gold trinket as an engagement gift, birthday or wedding. Optionally, you can put a pearl in the cobra’s mouth. They say this will increase the man’s confidence in him.

If he does not have enough half a kilo this is not an exaggeration the cobra weighs 515 g of the golden cobra on its penis.

Popularity of Erection Rings

Erection rings is one of the most popular devices in the sex shop, but there are so many of them that it is easy to get confused and not buy at all what you need. You should know how not to overshoot and choose the option that is right for you, and at the same time we recommend 12 erection rings for both beginners and experienced users.

Rings, as is easy to guess from the name, are needed to prolong the erection of a man and the pleasure of a woman if she likes numerous frictions. The ring is put on the base of the penis, pinching it, thereby maintaining the cavernous body of the organ filled with rushing blood and provides a more convincing and prolonged erection than usual. Any person, who has happened to squeeze the base of a member tightly with his hand, knows how he immediately perks up. The ring allows you to keep the compression constant and sometimes at the same time postpones the male orgasm, so that it can help with uncontrolled high-speed emission. You can read more about the effects of cock rings in a man’s erection here.

Rings can be useful to very many. Firstly, erection problems occur at any age, and even among notebooks, healthy people. The Tower of Pisa and that falls, and we are talking about living people. Secondly, the matter is not only in the needs of the man: sometimes a woman needs more than his average statistical capabilities – and the ring helps to come to a compromise that satisfies everyone. Anyway, this is not a reason to lose sex according to your taste – a simple device comes to the rescue. i

Rings are made from any materials; they are divided into elastic and hard. Measure the girth of the base of the non-erect this is important penis approximately half a centimeter from the body with a soft centimeter tape and calculate the diameter using the formula “N / p”, where N is the member girth in centimeters. p is approximately 3.14, but better use a calculator in a smartphone or laptop. That is, if the girth, for example, is 7 centimeters, then 7 / p = 2.28 centimeters. This is the approximate diameter of the ring that you need: look for the one closest to it, and for a hard device you can throw a little more.

If you buy a cock ring in a foreign online store that would be compatible with this penis plug https://lustplugs.com/collections/silicone-penis-plug, make sure you measure the side of the tape with the indication inches, as a result of calculations, you will also immediately get the diameter in them, and you will not have to recalculate once again.