4 Unique Butt Plugs You Haven’t Heard About!

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Anal pleasure in sight! For all women not content with simple clitoral pleasure or traditional G-spot, we dedicate a complete article on how to choose your anal plug. It must be said that there is a before and after anal pleasure. After all who is never interested in this particular and promising area? Reassure you gentlemen, we do not forget you! If prostate pleasure is still taboo in France, we will devote many lines to the stimulation of your point P! The second most sold sex toy, Rosebud anal comes in several designs and is always more sophisticated. They come to satisfy our need to let go in a world far too serious.

Some will say that the use of an anal plug is painful; others that it is macho see an abolition of any limit. But here, the solo pleasure in the respect of the law must have no limits! It is needless to say that the debate around anal pleasure is much in the news. It’s been a long time since the team of vibrator shop has succumbed to anal pleasure! We will kindly ask detractors of anal pleasure to take care of their ass! Now the most important question is what’s the right butt plug for you? What's the right butt plug for sexless couples? Let’s find out the answer.

Female Anal Pleasure:

The most scientific of us know: our anal area is very sensitive thanks to the many nerve endings composing it. Although it requires preparation in advance, anal orgasm is terribly enjoyable! Break the taboo of anal pleasure is so enjoyable, giving the impression of transgressing the taboos and spice up our intimate relationships. There are countless women who have ventured into masturbation or anal sex to find new pleasures. Some will appreciate the use of the plug on their partner and now, who is the sex strong?

Male Anal Pleasure

In terms of anal pleasure, men are not left behind! The prostate is located behind the penis, at the level of the navel; a few inches from the anus you will discover a burst of pleasure more intense than the "classic" ejaculation. With a little practice, you will even get several orgasms. The most curious men will describe this orgasm as more intense, more diffuse and especially much longer than usual. The mere fact of positioning an anal plug will provide some people with a strong sexual tension. Others will be excited to use it on their partner, offering themselves totally to them. If you want to know more about anal plugs, Allure has written a comprehensive article that is suited for beginners here.

Position your Anal Plug and let go!

Before choosing your anal plug, know that the anal plug can be used solo or duo to enhance the pleasure. You only have to prepare the ground!

Start by stimulating the anal area with your fingertips, relax. Do not hesitate to lubricate your anus with a lubricant, a few kisses or a rim job: Feel the sexual tension rising in you. You are ready? Gently place your anal plug. If you encounter resistance, wait a few seconds for the muscle to get used to the shape of the anal sex toy. Make slight rotations with the Rosebud. Little by little, the muscle will relax, the gene turns into Pleasure! Once the anal toy is positioned, test all possibilities. For your part, leave him in this position and take care of your clitoris, but some appreciate the coming and going stimulating the anal crown. In men, rotating the plug allows you to wait and effectively stimulate the prostate. Be creative!

Main Features to choose his anal Plug

In order to choose the right anal plug, it is important to look at 3 specific criteria.

Shape of your anal plug

There are countless variations that have been made of the anal plug. You will find this anal sex toy smooth, textured, elongated, rounded or ringed, let's look more ready!

The elongated anal plug: recommended for female use, its shape allows for long use. You can wear it in the street, at work or during your naughty pleasures, it will not move!

The round anal plug: more stimulating than the previous one, it is more complicated to wear for several hours. It can "inflate the anal wall, tenfold vaginal stimulation (point G). It increases the pressure of the vagina on the sex of the man or the vibrator used.

The curved anal plug: reserved for male pleasure, its shape makes it easy to find the prostate and stimulate it effectively.

Note that it happens that the first anal sex toy does not suit your anatomy (this is often the case for first price plugs, roughly molded). Feel free to test several, the game is worth the effort. Try a smooth Rose bud, a beaded sex toy or a textured stimulator that allows a much stronger simulation during use.

You will find all of its forms in vibrating anal plugs for increased sensations. There are also remotely controlled anal plugs for pleasure in public places! If you're interested in trying out anal plugs, you can Buy Here.

What material for my anal plug?

Part of our answer to the question: How to choose his anal plug? It is necessary to choose the material, the latter to best meet your desire! There are 3 anal sex toys material references:

Anal silicone plugs: Luxury sex toys, they are neither soft nor hard, adapt quickly to the temperature of your body while being allergenic.

Anal latex plugs: More flexible and accessible, they are however more irritating than silicone sex toys and less easy to wash.

Rubber anal plugs: reserved for entry sex toys, flee all phthalates, whose endocrine disruptors are carcinogenic and whose coating smells of oil.

Many women and men will recommend silicone. If the price of these anal stimulators is higher, note that they are more easily cleanable, last longer and will be most easily used in solitary pleasures. Let's continue our guide: How to choose his anal plug?

Choose the diameter of his anal plug

No matter what tests and opinions you read on how to choose his anal plug? Remember that the good anal plug should feel without being unpleasant. For starters, an anal plug S 3 cm in diameter is sufficient. Once you're used to anal stimulation, do not hesitate to change to a 5 cm anal Rosebud, which will hold more in place while being more enjoyable (that's the one I use). Thrill seekers can turn to XL anal plugs, which can exceed 6.5 cm! However, you will take care to remove it before doing your workout.

Which Brand to choose for my anal plug?

Essential toy of the sex toy market, the anal plug is present at many specialized brands. How to choose an anal plug when you have so many brands? Some of them stand out thanks to their know-how and the expertise of their products. If many manufacturers of anal rosebud highlight the design of their products, it is the quality of manufacture of anal sex and the materials used that will bring out the pleasure that sleep in you!