Male Chastity Device: Finding The Right Fit

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Chastity belt, coach harness or Lederhosen décor, what did the young scientists Museum dug up there? Should the strange “device” shown at the exhibition “Purpose alien?!” in the Karlsruhe Palace really be a chastity belt?

Forced to abstinence

That fine gentlemen of the Middle Ages made use of such devices to preserve the exclusive rights to their wives – of course, that’s already been heard. If a nobleman set out on a crusade, he would eventually have to travel for months or even years. But how could he be sure that the wife would not enjoy a lover while he was away? A tried and tested remedy against tormenting thoughts was allegedly the chastity belt: before the knight swung himself on horseback, he put on the lady an iron corset, which firmly closed her abdomen. He carefully locked this and took the key with him to the Holy Land. For the austerity of the entrusted was taken care of.

What about hygiene?

Some visitors shudder at the sight. Not only because of the compulsion that might have been done to the ladies tortured with the “torture device” but also for purely practical considerations. Some things you would prefer not to imagine. Scientists, however, tend to get to the bottom of things. And come to the conclusion that the widespread ideas of the purpose of the chastity belt are not realistic. “The permanent wearing of a chastity belt would not only be extremely unhygienic, it would also lead to infections that would have led to serious diseases and ultimately death, given the prevailing hygienic conditions in the Middle Ages. Most stores don’t allow you to try the chastity devices for hygienic purposes – you can read more about it here.

Enttarnte chastity belt

But then what about the chastity belts that were presented to the public until well into the 20th century in highly reputable institutions such as the Paris Musée de Cluny or the GermanischesNationalmuseum in Nuremberg? These belts, according to the Karlsruhe exhibition organizers, have long since been unmasked as products of the 18th or 19th century. With almost certain probability, they were never destined to be worn over a longer period of time.

Because of the Middle Ages

And the chastity belt, which the volunteers discovered in the depots of the Landesmuseum when they were searching for enigmatic objects for the exhibition “Purpose alien ?!” Also this medieval seeming device comes after the findings of the museum people from the 18th century. They also refer to the elaborate ornamentation of the piece. And on the sewn in red velvet and hearts.

Maybe it was a sex toy

Why should an instrument that serves to secure austerity be so lovingly decorated? In the state museum one has thought about it intensively. And conversely, came to the remarkable solution: the supposed chastity belt could have served as a toy to increase sexual desire. Wow!

Contrary to the general assumptions, man’s erections, especially in the morning, are not necessarily due to sexual fantasies and pleasurable dream experiences. According to experts, the trigger for this can be the pressure of a full bladder but also, according to recent theories, the structuring of sleep.

Man (n) may not believe how active the male genitalia is at night. During this nocturnal rest period, there are four to five erections, which can sometimes last up to an hour. This phenomenon occurs mostly in the early morning hours in the so-called REM phases – hence probably the term “morning latte”. A REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase is a sleep phase that is characterized, among other things, by rapid eye movements. According to a study by Bernie Zilbergeld, in which subjects were awakened in the REM phases and questioned about their dreams, few dreams had a sexual background.

Health risks

As you know, erections have not only a sexual but also a biological sense:

It is a regular blood circulation of the penis, which is quite important for the male body. Since not every person is sexually active every day, the body itself checks all functions in this way. Even in infants, the limb stiffens and even in old people who are actually no longer capable of a sexual erection. Due to the increased blood flow, the entire penis is flooded with oxygen. This is very important, because if the nocturnal erections persist permanently, this can lead to tissue damage and other health problems. Some of these damages do not show up immediately, but can only become apparent after years of using chastity belts.  So you better be careful and consider health consequences of penis cages.

On the subject of wearing time can not make general statements. Chastity belts should in any case be worn only so long that there is no inconvenience to the user. In curbing porn addiction, wearing chastity device while watching porn should only last until the urge is gone. It is also to be remembered that when wearing chastity belts or penile cages the wearer is surrounded on the one hand by a steel band in the waist and crotch area and on the other hand the genital itself by a steel framework … this can cause considerable pain! Therefore one should inform oneself about a durable chastity belt or penis cage use and possibly think about short-term actions. It is very important: In cases of physical discomfort, the use of chastity belts should be stopped or removed immediately.


All those who still do not want to give up their sexual kick by using a chastity belt or a penis cage, should at least pay close attention to the warnings. Only the correct use of these articles ensures a safe fun for everyone involved. Often, the products are accompanied by a kind of “instruction manual” to ensure that the donning and wearing of the chastity belt and penis cages takes place properly. You can find hygienic products at as their products are of high quality. However, to be on the safe side, a medical examination is recommended, which should subject the people involved before the use of chastity belts of any form. An important point is also the use of these special products in an exclusively sober state.