Kegel Exercises | Does It Tighten Your Vagina After Childbirth?

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Special Kegel exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles have long proven their effectiveness in preparing for childbirth. With their help, you can bring in the pelvic muscle tone, which facilitate the process of moving the child through the birth canal, and thus avoid gaps and if you continue regular exercise and after childbirth, it will contribute to more rapid recovery of the body. So if you have doubt that really do kegel exercises tighten your vagina then below is the guide for you.

What results can be achieved?

Due to hormonal changes and the pressure of the fetus tone the hip muscles during pregnancy significantly reduced. A gradual increase in size of the uterus leads to a stretching of muscle tissue and reduce their elasticity. In marked decrease in muscle tone a woman has during pregnancy may encounter some problems, such as uncontrolled urination. And during childbirth weakened pelvic floor muscles cannot cope with the load, which can lead to various complications.

Regularly performing Kegel exercises during pregnancy, a woman can protect you from these problems. But the prevention of complications in childbirth – is not the only effect that can be achieved through regular exercise.

Kegel exercises are other beneficial results:

Kegel exercises promote faster and easier delivery; help you better cope with the painful sensations; allow to recover faster after childbirth; are the prevention of urinary problems before and after birth; improve the production of female sex hormones, thus strengthening the physical and sexual health. IntimateRose has an article about the benefits of kegel exercises here.

Exercise complex

All Kegel exercises are quite simple and do not require any pre-athletic training. You can start training from the beginning of pregnancy. It is important to remember that in order to achieve the result should be every day to deal with.

You can start exercising with muscle tone test. To do this, you need to feel the inner muscles in the perineum area. If you managed several times to stretch and relax their muscles without the involvement of the hips, buttocks, or legs, you are ready for classes. If this is impossible, you can still easily determine which muscles need exercise: it is necessary to try to delay the stream of urine during urination.

You need to Train the Muscles

If the muscles are very weak, start a daily exercise routine can be common abbreviations: alternately tensing and relaxing the intimate muscles. Every day you should try to increase the load carrying 5-10 contractions more. But you must remember that the main purpose of this exercise is not to create as large power voltage, and to learn to control the muscles. Within a few days you will feel that you have obtained all the necessary muscles to better manage, and then we can proceed with the implementation of additional exercises. Lie on your back, bend your knees slightly and spread them apart. Strain muscles and keep them in this state for 10 seconds, then relax.


This exercise will need to use the muscles of the vagina and anus. It is necessary to stretch the vaginal muscles first, then the muscles of the anus, and then relax them in reverse order, simulating the movement of waves. Do the exercise you need in a fast pace.


Mentally divide the vagina for several “floors” and stretch the muscles in sequence, from the bottom to the top, trying as much as possible to stay on their toes to the top. Muscle relaxation is carried out in reverse order. First the exercises can be given in a prone position, completing 5 repetitions of each.

Gradually you need to increase the number of repetitions to 20-30 per exercise, as well as go on standing and sitting exercise. After 16-18 weeks doing the exercises recommended only in a sitting or standing position.


One of the major advantages of the complex Kegel exercises is its accessibility – the method is completely free and also allows women to exercise at any time and almost anywhere. But you cannot deal with all pregnant women, so before you start to exercise, you should consult your gynecologist. With the threat of miscarriage or other pregnancy disorders Kegel exercises are contraindicated, and in these cases it is possible to begin only after the birth.

Finally, it should once again mention the regularity of workouts. In the beginning, it may seem that perform Kegel exercises are very difficult, but it is important not to interrupt classes. Exercising a little, but every day, we can progress very quickly notice – to control the muscles will become much easier, as well as increasing the load it will be getting better and better.

At the point when would it be a good idea for me to do Kegel exercises?

Ladies of any age can do kegel exercises. You can cautiously do it whenever, in the case of sitting at your work area or unwinding on the sofa. Make this piece of your day by day schedule and go for three arrangements of ten reps.

Try not to be reluctant to request help

In case you experience issues doing Kegel exercises, don’t be perplexed or embarrassed to request help. It is difficult to segregate the correct muscles; however it will accompany the exercise. Your specialist or other wellbeing professional can give you valuable tips to enable you to learn.

Which results would I be able to anticipate?

In case you routinely do your Kegel exercises, you can diminish pee issues inside a couple of months. Numerous ladies additionally encounter other beneficial outcomes from these pelvic floor muscle exercises, including enhanced underbelly, better vaginal wellbeing, and expanded sex happiness. Make Kegel exercises a progressing some portion of your day by day schedule to keep on feeling the advantages.

What to do if Kegel Exercises do not bring the Desired Result

Sometimes the Kegel exercises, despite the efforts and quite a long time to complete them, do not give tangible results. Seek help from a specialist. The reason for your failures may be fundamentally wrong exercise, in this case, competent advice will help you correct the situation and not waste time in vain. That is why it’s important to purchase quality kegel balls and you can purchase one here:

In the latter case, you may need the competent assistance of a gynecologist, and sometimes – a surgeon. Simply pronounced muscle weakness can be corrected with the help of special devices. The most famous of these and very widely used are the vaginal balls. Archaeologists have found vaginal balls, which are about 3 thousand years old. Despite such a respectable age, this simple device has not lost its relevance so far. The basic rule of using them is very simple: balls are inserted into the vagina and held there by muscles. But in this place in modern vaginal balls begins a “zone of diversity.” Kegel exercises can be performed using vaginal balls of various shapes. They can be single or double. However, double balls can be used for medicinal purposes.