Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

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What is a Dildo or Vibrator?

So you’ve decided to finally get a sexy bedside toy for yourself. But just which one? Well listen to what Alice has got to say and she will bring you and your body closer to harmony than you would have ever known! Men, pay attention too. Because I will tell you what to buy for her that will get you a serious reward in bed; and why your sweetheart will NOT appreciate a toy called “20-inch Ballsy Super Cock Surprise” (sadly, it probably exists).

Dildos are toys that are designed for penetration (in either orifice) and they don’t buzz. They come in a variety of materials, glass, silicone, steel, rubber etc…but the best material is of course silicone.

Vibrators, on the other hand, could be for external or internal pleasure, and well…vibrate. Quite strongly too. As a vibe virgin, you probably would be overwhelmed the first time around just like most of us girls were. Like an erotic fantasy, it really is an amazing feeling that will make you want to lay there and melt away like a scoop of ice cream under the sun.

For Couples

It’s true! There are now vibrators designed to pleasure both partners at the same time – and they work very very well as nothing beats sharing tantric sex positions and a wonderful orgasm with your partner.

More advanced toys such are taking the world by storm are also now available which might save sexual relationship for a lot of couples. These U-Shaped vibrators are worn inside her when making love, buzzing both partners at the same time for an out-of-this-world orgasmic experience.


Bullets are little vibrating pills for self-pleasure and are generally shaped like a capsule about 4-7cm long. Usually attached via a thin wire to the power supply and speed control, bullets are small and discreet. They can be used externally on the clitoris or pushed inside for that extra bit of pleasure.

Guys, you probably want to pick one of these to start off with – they work great and don’t look terrifying to girls, although a slight drawback is that Bullets won’t give that fulfilling feeling like classic vibes do when inserted but they’re great for having sex while standing.


Eggs aren’t exactly egg-shaped, these new-age vibrators look like…well…mice. You know, computer mice. In fact, they look so much like mice, you can leave them near your computer and I doubt anyone will even notice.

So how do they work? They are external clitoral stimulators, providing an extra powerful buzz to the ladies’ hot spot. Eggs were developed mainly by women and marketed to women – luxury brands are building these wonderfully gorgeous vibrators that look like art showpieces. Men, pay attention – THESE make wonderful presents. They’re beautifully packaged, gorgeously designed and have been reviewed extensively by top women’s magazines around the world. But don’t you get jealous straight away, in fact your girl can use it while you are working hard inside her – just watch her explode.


Yes, we’ve all heard about the G-spot. But I think it’s time to give the clueless a quick lesson. The G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot, is an erogenous spot one to three inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. This spot, if stimulated can produce ultra-intense orgasms.

With this incredible discovery in mind, many curved sex toys have been designed to reach the big G. Most G-spot toys are penetrative (obviously), and have a little ‘hook’ at the end.

So grab a G-spot vibrator and see if can find your G-spot this evening; getting your significant other to help can be a rather interesting exercise in itself.

Pocket Vibrators

Pocket-sized vibrators are small mini-vibes designed to fit in your purse. Most are no more than two-thirds the entire length of your hand; shorter than a pencil but slightly longer than your lipstick. Great for travel, you can slip one in the handbag or in your pocket. The small size also makes it look less intimidating to anyone receiving it as a gift.


Rabbits are possibly the most famous vibrators out there. If you saw a picture of a vibrator, it most probably would be a rabbit. Rabbits are so called, because of the extra vibrating attachment that sticks out from the side of the vibrator – these ‘bunny ears’ are perfectly placed to get the ‘hood in the mood’.

Rabbits have perhaps the most well-rounded performance and effective vibrator design to date. Nothing else comes close for pure pleasure. Some rabbits even feature two dedicated motors for stimulation internally and externally. If you just had to pick one vibe, rabbits are the way to go!


Wands are shaped like traditional back massagers and deliver the most powerful vibrations of all. They also have very “family-friendly” looks – so the in-laws don’t ask funny questions if they stumble upon your private stuff.

Older wands have to be plugged into the wall for power, while the newer wands run on batteries or powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. Wands that are designed for intimate pleasure are quite different from back massagers you see in lifestyle stores, the rythym and strength of the vibrations have been tuned to deliver pleasure – not pain or numbness. Normal back massagers thump too hard, or too not vibrate quickly enough. So let’s get this clear – our wands are really, really different!

Oh, and guys – using a wand on her, will make you perform like a… ahem… wizard in bed.

Realistic Dildos

Now the range of realistic dildos are fantastic. We have handmade dual density silicon dildos that feel exactly like the real thing – and made from super safe silicon material. We do not sell rubber or plastic dildos that are made from suspect materials.

Some comes with suction cups so they can stick on mirrors, chairs, walls or in the bathroom! Dildos do not usually vibrate, but if you apply a vibrator to the bottom of the dildo while inserted, it turns into a vibrating dildo! Dildos are fantastic for ladies who want to give different sizes a try, or their lucky partners a show!

But don’t worry guys, you will not be made redundant anytime soon. Yes these awesome dildos might feel great but they will never provide intimacy – which is what your partner wants most!